Monday, February 1, 2010

Through the green lens

The red sweat of a hippopotamus offers UV protection. The fuzzy side of a leaf can retain water. Purple leaves may be sunscreen for new growth or an adaptation to harvest low light near the forest floor. A seabird known as the Brown Booby has something called a 'gular patch' at its throat that it can move without using any muscles - inspiration for an energy-efficient ventilation device? "Nature's pattern book is endless", says Dayna Baumeister. "She has been around for four billion years and has figured out few things first." In writing Women in Green, the authors have drawn from conversations with nearly 200 women architects, designers, activists, writers, educators and students - Baumeister being one amongst them.

The outcome is amazing: a transformative, inspiring and thoughtful book. In their ground-breaking work, authors Kira Gould and Lance Hosey have spent hours conversing with women of substance in outlining the fact that future of sustainability will depend on women and the perspectives they bring to the field....more

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