Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nepal: A nation in the making

Unleashing Nepal is a revealing narrative on a country that has rarely been seen beyond a tourism destination by most middle-class Indians. That it is land-locked country strategically located between two traditional enemies - India and China - is beyond the imagination of those for whom the images of the ubiquitous chowkidar and the glamorous Manisha Koirala complete the Nepalese picture. Neither was any conscious effort made to alter that picture.

Sujeev Sakhya, a business executive with societal conscience, attempts to re-write the past by tracing nearly 300-year old history of the country which, many believe, is still in the making. Successive rulers focused on 'Kathmandu centricism' as a deliberate attempt to keep the masses impoverished. It made the then mountain kingdom a development aid destination. Nepal's economy remains precariously dependant on remittance and aid....more

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