Thursday, December 24, 2009

Does God play dice?

Music concert leave the listeners’ spell-bound, often lifting them to emotive highpoints. Such humane perceptions do exist but can rarely be scientifically quantified. Does that mean `they’ don’t exist? While acknowledging that all that science cannot explain does however exist in reality, French Physicist Bernard d’Espagnat argues that mystery is not something that ought to be negated because it is one of the constitutive elements of `being’.

For better part of his distinguished academic career, d’Espagnat explored the big idea that science can only probe so far into what is real, and that there is a `veiled reality’ that will always elude us. Though somewhat contentious when it was first proposed, veiled reality has been vogue as a theory as it supports the argument that finding words is certainly not a sufficient condition for valid thinking because it is not absolutely sure that everything meaningful is analyzable. Ever since he entered the mainstream physics, d’Espagnat has encouraged physicists and philosophers to think afresh about questions long considered marginal, as significant experiments over the past decades had not restored conventional realism....more (please move to page 62 of the document)

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