Friday, September 13, 2013

Death will not be our end…

Eve Ensler has been a phenomenon of our times. As an acclaimed author and a passionate activist, she has devoted her life to the female body – both as a source of human life and as an embodiment of human violence. Considered as one of Newsweek’s 150 Women Who Changed the World, Ensler initiated the world into multilogue on vagina –to talk about it, value it and protect it. She has been witness to the worst ever violence inflicted on women, her nerves saturated by the stories of destructed vagina and bleeding earth in the mineral-rich Congo.  

Finding the cancer in her body, Ensler realized that it was all pervasive – getting connected to the world through her body. “My body was no longer abstraction’, she felt, ‘as it connected me to the cancer of carelessness, the cancer of greed and the cancer of cruelty.’ Part reflective and part philosophical, Ensler transforms her pain into poetic prose of perseverance  Death will not be our end: indifference will be, dissociation will be and collateral damage will be our end. This book is like a CAT scan, a roving examination of moving images, experiences, ideas and memories. 

Ensler demonstrates that pain can indeed be transformative, provided we know which us wants to survive the pain to live and thrive in a new world. Perhaps, we all need chemotherapy to purge the badness that has been projected onto us but is never ours! This book is about reclaiming our bodies, after killing off the perpetrator who got inside us. Written with unflinching honesty, Ensler relives every moment of her past – her troubled family life, her flamboyant lifestyle and her commitment to female body – to reconnect herself to the world. 

In the Body of the World is a masterpiece.Immensely readable; it is a work of art that shows us a powerful new way of interpreting illness.  Wouldn't it be incredible if everyone could find the joy that comes with committing to our own goodness? That perhaps it is only way we could stop dividing ourselves into malignancies of various forms. Through her writing, Eve Ensler comes out as an embodiment of courage, conviction and commitment to take on the world yet again....Link 

In the Body of the World 
by Eve Ensler 
Random House India, New Delhi 
Extent: 220, Price: Rs 199

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