Monday, July 2, 2012

Shaman in the making

Mystics they are, the shamans are known to heal emotional distress, physical challenges and mental chatter using hallucinogens. Ayahuasca, one of the most potent hallucinogen, has helped people find themselves and, in doing so, to find peace. Like most ancient cultures, the dancing snakes that pop up (in the mind) during ayahuasca ceremony have helped shamans visualize, amongst other things, the structure of DNA several centuries before Watson and Crick could actually discover it. 

Making patients see with their heart and feel with their eyes, the shamans have been able to manipulate the energy blocks in human body, which are the cause of many health issues, such that the energy flows freely again. That the shamans are charismatic is known but that one of them could be disarmingly seductive is what celebrated journalist Anna Hunt came to realize from her adventure into the wilderness of the Amazon jungle. 

As a real page turner, The Shaman in Stilettos is a story about raging passion, mysterious obsession, compelling ritual and abject surrender. How a 29-year-old compromises her love for stilettos, chocolate, cars and a fast-paced job to the slow-paced rhythm of life in the unglamorous jungles of Peru makes for exhilarating reading. In the backdrop of her passionate affair with a charming shaman, the story of Anna Hunt is packed with nuggets of extraordinary wisdom. That anger and tears are just perspectives; neither of them is right nor wrong, is one of the several nuggets. Much of human weakness emerges from the innate fears we all carry within - the fear of the unknown, fear of not being in control, and fear of facing yourself as you really are.         

The shamans neither fear nor are they frightened of dying. They know that they go to the light – to the next level. Through a gripping narrative laced with romantic interludes, Anna unfolds the secret and complex world of the shamans and their mystics. For the shamans, the snake holds the key to the knowledge of the universe. Snake is best expressed in Spanish word ‘serpiente’, ‘Ser’ means ‘human’; ‘pi’ is the basic building block of ‘life’; and ‘ente’ means ‘universe’. No wonder, every shaman has to learn to work with the snake. This and much more, The Shaman in Stilettos is entertaining, engrossing and enlightening story about the ‘making of a shaman in stilettos’....Link 

The Shaman in Stilettos
by Anna Hunt
Penguin Books, UK
454 pages, £ 8.99

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